SCM Australia Service Charge Out Rates

1 Apr 2019
Throughout 2018, SCM Australia implemented a number of improvements and investments in our after sales departments, resulting in improved reporting times and faster communication with our Italian HQ. 
The SCM Australia restructure and staff developments has seen the recent additions of:
  • A paperless field service team with instantaneous reporting via the tablet system so we are fully aware of your needs.
  • A ticket based incoming job system, allowing us to track the progress of a service job through the organisation to make sure every job is delivered on time.
  • Centralised admin and data entry, allowing our after sales dept to focus on customer service and communications.
  • A growing field service team with the capacity to employ additional staff in selected markets where our customers need them most.
  • A growing national technician team, providing both internal and external support around the country.
  • A technology specialist team, giving a defined responsibility to key product lines and a wealth of knowledge to our customers.
With more information, reporting and tracking now available thanks to these changes, the increased investment has corresponding costs - requiring a new charge out rate of AU$129.00 per hour + GST.
SCM Australia will be continuing to improve our processes, systems and workflows - ensuring we can continue to expand the after sales experience for our customers.