Customising Quality with Software

14 Jan 2020

With more than 20 years of experience in designing bespoke cabinetry solutions, GMD Architectural Joinery is renowned for their high quality approach to cabinetmaking. Daniel Calleja, GMD Architectual Joinery's Senior Industrial Designer, has worked in the industry for 14 years, putting his industrial design credentials to good use with the company's approach to custom creations for high end architectural projects. 

As the company's customer base grew and bespke design requests started flowing in, it became clear that their current factory of machines weren't helping them achieve the best possible outputs.

"With our key focus on quality, it's so important to the design and manufacturing process that we can trust that the machines and software we use are able to talk to each other easily and effectively," says Daniel.

After considering many machines and researching the offerings from multiple suppliers, GMD Architechural Joinery chose to work with SCM Group Australia to put together a solution that would meet all of their needs. This came in the form of a Pratix S CNC Machining Centre, an Olimpic K400 Edgebander and an Sl350 Table Saw. 

"Working mainly on the design end of the production process, my focus was on finding machining options that I could partner with advanced software solutions," said Daniel. "Our new SCM machines have definitely met my expectations in this regard." 

With the benefit of handling large sheets on the 3600 x 1800 bed, the Pratix S has proven to be a reliable and robust solution for GMD Architectural Joinery. "We've seen a 50% increase in productivity since installing the Pratix S and K400. Combining the Pratix S with the SCM Olimpic Edgebander was a great choice," said Daniel. 'The K400 easily keeps up with our production speed."

Improved accuracy, consistent cutting and faster machining are just some of the benefits GMD Architectural Joinery has seen since running with SCM machines. The previous process invoved manually programming multiple machines, whereas now all programming is done in the office in 3D design to first identify any issues and then sent directly to the factory floor, where it automatically moves through prodcution. 

"We've been able to eliminate about five steps in the production process," stated Daniel. "We always aim to deliver projects to the best of our ability, and the quality of our work is all thanks to the Pratix S and SCM Olimpic."

For further information contact SCM Group Australia 1300 42 22 38.