ETHOS K: the new entry in Cms' mobile gantry range

29 Mar 2019

With over 50 years of business and thousands of CNC machines working in the Advanced Materials division (Marine Industry, Aeronautics, Automotive, F1&Motor sports, Defence…), CMS CNC machining centers with mobile Gantry, account for the widest choice of modular configurations available on the market.


Conceptualized from CMSexperience and collaboration with our most demanding customers,

the ETHOS K was designed for percision removal of aluminium and composites, that requires very high accuracy.



  • High power, geometric accuracy and reliability for heavy machining operations
  • Backslash recovery
  • Maximum precision and machine’s overall dynamic performances in 5-axis continuous operations
  • High thermal stability and totally exempt from torsional instability



  • Cnc Available: Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain
  • Monolithic structures
  • Roller-recirculating sliding blocks
  • Kinematics with two drive motors on linear axes (X/Y)
  • Direct feedback system on X/Y/Z
  • Encoders on rotating axes
  • Direct drive architecture (torque motors) for the working head (No drive assembly between servomotors and axes motion)
  • Electrospindle with high power – 32 kW – 24.000 rpm
  • Specific packages for carbon fiber and aluminium machining with flood coolant