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Wide belt sanders - Automatic sanding and calibrating machines - dmc system t7 1350

Equipped with 7 main units, the dmc system t7 1350 represents the most advanced solution available today for the processing of kitchen cabinet doors and windows frames, both assembled and disassembled: from the calibration straight to the superfinishing, in a single pass through the machine.

Main equipment
  • Contact roller units equipped with heavy pressure bars for windows processing
  • Unique planetary units (patented), for multi directional sanding of rails and styles
  • Counter-rotating sanding brush rollers, with helicoidal slots for the abrasive strips
  • Vacuum hold-down table for small pieces processing, with electric fan embedded in the machine frame
  • Constant pass-line from the floor, for integration in automated production lines
  • Total management of the machine through “Hydra PC” control panel with 17” touch-screen



  • Maximum speed in all tool changing, cleaning and routine maintenance operations, facilitated by the innovative system of side unit extraction using telescopic supports with prismatic guides.
  • Extremely uniform, high quality surface finishes, thanks to the multidirectional action of the multifunctional "Planetario" working unit.
  • Reduced space needed for the machine, and limited noise emissions with the electric fan positioned under the work bench
Technical data
Working width                                                        mm           1350
Min/max working thickness (with fixed table)                                             mm 3-170
Sanding belt width mm 1370
Sanding belt length mm 2620
Constant pass-line mm 900
Case Studies
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System for windows and doors top and lateral sanding

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