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The new edgebanding cell with Batch 1 machining mode is part of the stefaniCELL-H product based on technical solutions, level of investment, and return. The cell is an all-round innovation in furniture manufacture - a sector that is increasingly sensitive to flexible, differentiated production methods with high added value.


stefaniCELL-H allows the 100% efficient machining of components for furniture items for every part of the home - kitchens, living rooms, sleeping areas, bathrooms, wardrobes and studies.

The advantages of the new stefaniCELL-H:

- immediate and economically advantageous production, with batches ranging without distinction from the single panel to the damaged panel and the average standard pack, without the need for any production downtime in order to change the format, thickness, ornamentation and gluing quality (changes that may be very frequent within a single work shift)

- correct and fast insertion of the panels in the cell, thanks to the SIDE FINDER technology that, via a display in the operator's area, shows how to position the panel so it can be correctly machined

- immediate availability (even on mobile devices) of the machining information relating to each single panel, in whatever part of the path they are in, thanks to the continuous tracking provided by the supervision system

stefaniCELL-H also optimises the panel flow and movement, managing and synchronising the data sent to the company network. It allows you to choose the best machining quality, gluing quality and tool change flexibility within the minimum space and with a single operator, thereby optimising costs and ensuring remunerative production.

Technical data
Machinable dimensions with longitudinal transit
(length x width)
250x130 min
3000x1200 max
Machinable dimensions with transversal transit
(length x width)    
130x250 min
1200x3000 max
Space required
approx. 200
Number of operators
Productivity (function of the operator loading
capacity and of variability of required processing)             
Machining operation with panel squareness
Sizing machining operation
Possibility of qualitative checks on production
SIDE FINDER technology for the smart recognition
of the side to be inserted
Machining feasibility analysis for each one component
Preliminary process simulation with timing check
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