Cms heading towards a sustainable future: the aerospace experience for the rail industry

Jan 19, 2021

Sustainable mobility and the transportation industry play a crucial role in the quality of our daily lives. Rail transport, specifically, provides a significant contribution to limiting and improving aspects such as traffic, pollution, and safety. Cms is involved in machining structural parts and has been a partner with major train manufacturers and their suppliers for a number of years with the common goal of seeking out a more sustainable future.


  • 55% reduction in machining times thanks to exceptional acceleration and speed as well as single and double bridge machine configurations that can even be installed at a later date.

  • Complete eradication of down times: thanks to configurations with 2 working areas, work can be done on a pendulum system which eradicates tooling and piece locking times

  • Completely safe work areas for the operator and for cleaning the system

Just as modern trains allow us to increase efficiency by more than 31% compared to the previous generation, Cms solutions and machines guarantee excellent return on investment with a saving of up to 35% compared to old-style machines. From the experience acquired in the Aerospace industry, Cms is now currently contributing to the creation of the first train in composite material! With the installation of numerous systems across the globe, including 13 large systems in the last two years alone, Cms is a benchmark partner for those in search of a routing machine to machine mechanical structural parts in aluminium for the rail industry.


  • Working area of more than 40 meters

  • Specifically designed blocking solutions

  • 5-axis machining units with outstanding performance levels

  • Best-in-class electro-spindles with optimal torque levels and excellent rigidity