International Inorganic-Bonded Fiber Composites Conference

23-26.10.2018 Cape Town, South Africa

SCM at IIBCC 2018
The forefront of fiber-cement machining

Cape Town International Convention Center, South Africa
Stand 27


Solid, nearly indestructible, and at the same time so delicate, light and thin. These are the characteristics explaining the strong growth of fibre-cement use in the construction industry in recent years. It is a type of material we could safely call revolutionary. Used mainly for building-façade cladding – due to its excellent resistance to the natural elements and air pollutants, but also for other applications – fibre cement is expected to continue its growth in the coming years. It is no coincidence that the biennial IIBCC (International Inorganic-Bonded Fiber Composites Conference) event, held in Cape Town, 23 through 26 October, is to be dedicated to this material.

SCM will be present with its own stand at this event – an absolute must for industry companies and professionals that wish to keep up to date with new trends and future scenarios involving the use of fibre cement and other inorganic composites.



gabbiani g2 115/130 designed for fibercement machining, ensuring maximum productivity and cleaning working space.

• Closed rear work table for the best materials support
• Steel air floating table for delicate and abrasive materials


CNC Machining centre for highly flexible productions requiring superior precision and finish quality regardless of component shape and dimensions.
Equipped with the high-performance SCM multifunction worktable in aluminum, guaranteeing high standards of accuracy. Ideal solution for routing-drilling operations on solid wood components and panels of plastic, composites and resins also with Nesting technology.


5-axis CNC machining centre with a mobile bridge structure and modular composition for the complete processing of fiber cement walls.
Easy access to the worktable for effortless positioning of the walls with dimensions up to 4,5 m in width and 50 m in length.
Long-lasting reliability thanks to special bellows fitted on the sliding parts, preventing machine wear caused by extremely abrasive material.
No risk of errors or collisions and precise calculation of production time and project profitability thanks to the SCM Maestro Beam&Wall 3D simulation software.


Suitable for any kind of material and extremely versatile in terms of variety of processing, celaschi p60 is characterized by high performances and reliability even in the most demanding applications for abrasive material processing. Its features with high technological content make it perfectly integrable into high productivity lines.


Heavy Duty machine suitable to perform calibrating and sanding operations on high-density fiber-cement boards.
The machine is available with bottom and top working units for the processing of both sides of the panels. Abrasive belts with 3250 mm length suitable for intensive applications as the production lines requiring high performance and rare downtime for routine maintenance.


Complete solutions based on spraying, roller or curtain coating apply insulating primers and protective top coats and achieve extremely
attractive facade panels in a wide range of colours with high aesthetical and technical performances.


SCM boasts the widest range in the world of solutions for machining this highly innovative material, facilitating the choice of configuration that best meets the production needs of each company operating in this sector: from profiling machines, led by the celaschi p60, to beam saws, featuring the gabbiani g 2 and gabbiani a3, wide-belt sanders such as dmc system, the acclaimed spraying machine magnum by Superfici, and the numerically controlled machining centres for the housing industry, including the exclusive 5-axis “Made in SCM” accord 25 fxm and area.

Fiber Cement Squaring Machine Celaschi P60 - SCM Group

celaschi p60

Double-sided squaring and tenoning machines

Thanks to the consolidated experience and continuous development, celaschi p60 is double-end tenoner customizable according to specific needs. Its reliable mechanics, motors power and electronic management of the different devices make celaschi p60...

Automatic Single-Blade Beam Saw Gabbiani G2 - SCM Group

gabbiani g 2

Automatic single-blade beam saws

The advanced solution with complete standard equipment that guarantees the best price-performance ratio. Speed, precision, flexibility and pr​oductivity mark out gabbiani g 2. It has been designed to assure high performance in a...

Oscillating Spraying Machine Magnum - SCM Group


Spraying machines

Spraying machine with a high production capacity. Ensured quality of the product thanks to the optimal distribution of lacquer even in more critical situations through the patented independent double reciprocators. The automatic change of the suction...

accord 25 fxm cnc machining centre

accord 25 fxm

CNC Nesting Machining Centres for routing and drilling

CNC machining centre for highly flexible productions requiring superior precision and finish quality regardless of component shape and dimensions. Ideal solution for routing and drilling operations on solid wood components and lamellar wood,...

Machining Centre for Timber Construction Area - SCM Group


CNC Machining Centres for timber construction

area is a 5-axis CNC machining centre with a mobile gantry structure and modular composition for processing big timber construction elements, such as X-lam/CLT panels for walls, straight and curved structural beams. It allows...

Angular Plant Gabbiani A3 - SCM Group

gabbiani a3

Angular panel saws

The angular panel saw is designed for the medium-large company and it can be fitted with automatic loading-unloading systems to enable high production rates. It is equipped with a vacuum cup loading system that manage thin panels and delicate...

Come and get a taste of SCM technology at Stand 27, IIBCC, 23 through 26 October