Master MIMM the Catholic University of Milan: the sponsored project

Apr 7, 2017

"Advanced Technologies for the Caravan and Marine Sectors" is the title of the academic project and internship programme sponsored by SCM Group as part of the MIMM Master's programme at the Catholic University of Milan.

The 2017 SCM Group-sponsored Master's Programme in International Marketing Management (MIMM) at the Catholic University of Milan introduced a new academic project and internship programme dedicated to "Advanced Techologies for the Caravan and Marine Sectors". It is to focus on the caravan and marine economic situation and markets, analysing these niche sectors for the woodworking and advanced materials industries. The research project will examine developments introduced during the period of 2018 to 2020 by world leading companies producing luxury caravans and boats, focusing mainly on new industrial and competitive challenges such players will have to face.

The SCM Group marketing intelligence team will collaborate with the university in formulating the academic project.