Scm Group Malaysia Open House

22-23.09.2016 Scm Group Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Scm Group Malaysia celebrates its first anniversary. Attendees will enjoy an interactive exhibition space with approximately 3,000 square feet dedicated to the group's manufacturing technologies and advanced solutions. 

With the introduction of the Pratika to Scm’s popular CNC range, Scm Group Asia Sdn bhd can offer you nesting technology at a fantastic price.

An extremely versatile nesting machine, this new nesting machine range is able to size, drill and rout nested panels. The electrospindle is also capable of housing aggregates heads, which opens up the capacity of the machine to do a multitude of other machining applications. 


Products on show at the open house 


Olimpic K560 - New technology - Air fusion


Discover more about Air Fusion technology

AirFusion uses specific edges, the same as those used with the Laser application. This type of edges has, in addition to the decorative layer, a functional layer with the right adhesive properties that are activated / melted by AirFusion therefore allowing its application to the panel.

The edges are available in all colors, finishes and decoration, in order to stimulate maximum creativity and business opportunities.

Perfect design  

Flawless appearance of the panel, seamless finishing between all surfaces, high technical quality, low production costs. All possible with the use of AirFusion edgebanding technology. AirFusion grants these characteristics by processing the edged panel without the use of glue, with a performance level suitable for the small company as well as for the medium furniture industry.

Zero glue line 

AirFusion works by means of hot air under pressure which is blown directly onto the functional layer of the edge using a nozzle located immediately before the first pressure roller. The compact design makes AirFusion compatible with the technology of traditional edge banding installed in the machine. AirFusion is managed directly by the control of the edge bander to allow simple and quick setting of the process parameters

Watch the video of Olimpic K 560 with Air Fusion