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"Although SCM Group is a multinational corporation operating worldwide, we still feel like one large family. We view this as a very important corporate value that we wish to consolidate through a series of initiatives involving our employees. People are the true engine of this company and these activities were organised in order to strengthen team spirit, share the Group's values and boost all employees' sense of belonging."
Andrea Aureli, CEO


Special Agreements 


Since we've always been deeply rooted in the communities where we operate, we enjoy special relationships with various providers that offer SCM employees special benefits and terms; a wide range of services and facilities that all employees can benefit from.



Corporate restaurant



Open to all employees, every day, free of charge.

You can choose from a wide selection of original dishes prepared with local ingredients using traditional processing and preparation methods. The company guarantees the use of local qualified producers.


SCM in the family

Special days and social gatherings for employees and their families, with plenty activities for children who, while having fun, are introduced to the SCM Group world and values and discover their parents' workplace.



Sports tournaments

When working for such a big international company, sports tournaments too are opportunities to get to know each other and establish new friendships while participating in a healthy competition.


"Do Yourself Good" Projects 


A healthy, practical and fast way to do your shopping!
HEALTHY: Local, in-season fruits and vegetables
CONVENIENT: Available in some of the SCM Group plants
BENEFICIAL: Quality products at special prices

Corporate health benefits fund 




The fund is managed by volunteer employees who offer an excellent service which over the years has allowed us to expand the range of benefits and discounts to include the purchase of school textbooks. 

Meeting with the management



A successful company is made up of people who are familiar with its mission and strategies at all levels. 
This is why the company management periodically meets with all employees to inform them about the Group's progress, development plans and planned investments.