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People development

For SCM GROUP, improving and developing our human resources are fundamental for staying competitive and for boosting growth.

SCM GROUP can offer substantial professional development opportunities to YOUNG TALENTS and PROFESSIONALS in Italy and around the world.


A structured process that accompanies the introduction of newly-hired young talents through the first 24 months of their professional life.
They are accompanied by "tutors" who provide support and motivation during the phase of adjusting to their new roles and acquiring the needed skills. The process includes 4 elements:

  • Job Rotation & Project: Period of briefly experiencing the main professional tasks with a possibility of being assigned a specific project
  • Training: Technical training and behavioural/managerial education
  • Responsibility: Acquisition of role-specific skills while "on the job"
  • Remuneration: A salary review process that accompanies the skill acquisition phase



Your professional development is supported and encouraged also through special training, including:

  • Technical/specialised skills
  • Professional/behavioural skills
  • Managerial/operational skills

Together with your tutor and Human Resources specialists, a Training Needs Analysis is conducted in order to prepare a personalised programme, likely to include:

  • Activation of a self-learning process using online e-learning courses
  • Participation in ad hoc "in-house/family" courses 
  • Participation in intercompany courses given by the best providers and/or business schools




A positive performance combined with a desire to experiment with new challenges will allow you to plan your own development, which can be achieved through:

  • Increased responsibilities (job enrichment/enlargement)
  • Role/function change (horizontal diversification)

In Italy and/or abroad
Geographical and international mobility within the Group is now promoted, encouraged and supported, and provides a great opportunity to develop professional and personal skills that carry a strong "added value" for one’s professional growth.