Welcome to the Scm Group! On-Boarding Day for the Group’s new recruits

Sep 10, 2019

The vast Scm Group family continues to expand and once again the time has come to train its new recruits. The latest edition for “On-Boarding Day”, a special day which Campus dedicates to the group's new employees, and the fifth of its kind since activities at the Scm Group training pole began less than a year ago.

We aim to welcome new recruits with specific induction courses: these will explain not only the history, identity and different brands within our group, partner to the most established industries around the world in the machinery and industrial components sectors, but also the values that, for decades, have made Scm Group one of the strongest most reliable organisations: stability, innovation, internationalisation, but above all, respect for and esteem of people. Placing investment in professionalism and talent to produce culture and know-how before that of machinery: it is "knowledge experience" that also positioned Campus above the rest and which, day after day, moulds a winning team of more than 4,000 people all over the world.