The best of green technology with maximum waterjet flexibility: dual greenjet 4150 bar

Jun 19, 2020

How to make the most of waterjet technology for faster cutting operations? Cutting 100 mm of steel is far too expensive?

Identifying the configuration that can maximize productivity while minimizing operating costs is not always easy, especially with the addition of abrasive mixed with a high-pressure water jet.

The key factors that lead to the right intensifier are power, pressure and capacity; to those must surely be added consumption, reliability and maintenance.

Dedicated to the know-how and experience gained in waterjet technology since 1992, CMS is now able to offer the best solution to guarantee high cutting performance on a wide range of materials with thickness values up to 250 mm: dual greenjet 4150 bar.



  • Up to 57% lower energy consumption compared to a hydraulic intensifier of the same configuration.
  • Increased productivity by 43% in dual greenjet configuration, thanks to the increased water flow rate available.
  • 35% reduction in operating costs due to higher cutting speeds and compatibility with multi-head trims.
  • Available in stand-alone ground configuration for interfacing with third party worktables and in on-board versions for large formats, reducing pressure losses as far as to the cutting head (only for the Aquatec model).


  • Pressure of 4150 bar generated by an innovative electrical system equipped with a high pressure actuator and double opposed inverter-controlled cylinder.
  • Parallel configuration for two operating modes: single in redundant trim, double for water flow rates up to 10 l/min.
  • Reduction of mechanical components by up to 81% compared to a traditional hydraulic intensifier
  • Elimination of the hydraulic part in favour of direct generation of high pressure, for higher efficiency than a traditional hydraulic intensifier.

Extremely precise and constant output pressure signal due to the addition of pressure accumulator in series.