The DT15 disc unit: efficient, immediate, cost-effective

Feb 28, 2023

After the laser cut, even the smallest pieces have the so-called cutting, that is, an almost imperceptible burr on the under edge.  

It can become a genuine knife edge for those handling and maneuvering the piece, and in the case of noticeable burr, it is even unsightly. It needs to be removed! 

The most effective method? The DT15 disc unit found on the eurosystem models and metal system of the DMC range. 


Efficient. The new single-row unit with 80 mm diameter vertical brushes allows you to remove burrs effectively on workpieces that are 33% shorter than 130 mm diameter brushes. 


Immediate. Quick-release pins allow tools to be changed in less than 5 seconds, so you can set up the entire unit quickly, easily and according to the application required. 


Cost-effective. The new oscillating disc unit saves 25% on the cost of consumables compared to the standard double-row DT17 unit with 130 mm diameter brushes that are the same as the edge trimmer.