Tired of battling with sludge?

Jun 7, 2021

In waterjet cutting technology, removing used abrasive, deposited in the tank, is often a tiresome and extremely dirty job. CMS Stone Technology offers the market a unique solution for all the models in the range: the Draga, now in its Evo4 version.

The implementation of a wear-proof solution patented for the chain heads, has defined new duration standards with the first maintenance work after 2000 hours and the replacement of the chain after 10000 hours.

The hydrocyclone is the market alternative but needs to be running constantly and the sludge needs to be filtered to ensure the abrasive is properly removed, which leads to high maintenance costs.



  • 81% drop in maintenance costs per year calculated across 2000 operating hours.
  • 75% longer time elapse before first replacement of the entire chain compared to a hydrocyclone
  • The best solution on the market for guaranteeing a clean tank, keeping the work environment clean, safe and comfortable



  • Steel links with electrolytic zinc plating
  • CN controlled operating interval
  • Monitoring of the operating hours
  • Patented chain head