Here are 5 reasons for taking waterjet technology for cutting pipes into consideration

Jun 6, 2023

Waterjet technology is a versatile cutting method that can cut a wide range of objects and materials. As the image above shows, we will discuss here how waterjet technology can be useful in cutting pipes

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using waterjet technology for cutting pipes: 

  1. Hydro-abrasive waterjet is a cold cutting process that produces clean cuts without any thermal impact zone, which can compromise welding; 

  1. Waterjet technology is powerful enough to cut through even the thickest and most unusual pipes, such as those made of metal alloy or carbon fiber

  1. Waterjet technology offers a self-centering jaw chuck that allows for end trimming and beamsaw cuts on overhanging pipes without the need for complex tooling work on the cutting table, like using the tailstock; 

  1. The DDX Easyjet software enables the creation of 3-axes and 5-axes cutting paths, in this last configuration, the software can compensate for tapering, resulting in precise cuts;  

  1. Waterjet technology also provides the ability to prepare square and rectangular section pipes in the machine to expand cutting versatility, thanks to the altered management of the Z-axis and the handling of 3D solids in STEP and IGES formats. 

Which are the features of this “pipe cutting option”, already available on our Tecnocut proline?  

  • Conical tapered tip and tailstock version for machining circular section pipes 

  • Self-centering jaw chuck version with tailstock to machine circular or rectangular section pipes 

  • Minimum machining diameter 60 mm 

  • Maximum machining diameter 400 mm 

  • Maximum machining load 200 kg with tailstock and 80 kg without tailstock 

  • Maximum loadable length of 3,100 and 4,100 mm based on the machine’s work area 

  • In combination with the option to automatically adjust the water level in the tank, it is possible to cut underwater for a quieter and cleaner work environment.