CMSNA’s Aluminum Skin Thickness Reduction System

Mar 16, 2017

The CMS Aluminum Skin Thickness Reduction system, a.k.a “Mechanical Milling,” is intended to take the place of the traditional Chemical Milling process. It is designed to provide a highly exact, precision-contoured surface thickness for aerospace wing skins which could previously only be achieved via Chemical Milling.

Our process permits the acquiring, supporting, and milling of aluminum wing surface structures. It also enables the drilling of holes and openings, as well as edge trimming. Our Mechanical Milling system is enhanced by our unique UHF (Universal Holding Fixture) table technology.

Chemical Milling is a difficult operation that requires a number of time-consuming processes and the use of hazardous chemicals. CMS’ Mechanical Milling process eliminates many of the steps needed for Chemical Milling, including surface cleaning and masking (as well as demasking), scribing of the masked area to be removed, and etching via chemical solution.

Our Aluminum Skin Thickness Reduction system offers numerous other advantages over Chemical Milling, as well. Mechanical Milling makes it easy to produce sharp corners and to machine thicker materials (10+ mm). Scribing, which can lead to diminished dimensional accuracy, is eliminated completely. And, with Mechanical Milling, there is no need for hazardous, and costly to dispose of, etchant chemicals.

CMSNA’s Cronus moving bridge 5-axis CNC machining center provides the perfect match of technology and flexibility for our Mechanical Milling process. Contact us today to learn more!