MAG: the use of Idroline S and application results



Subcontractor for mechanical manufacturing

MAG is a subcontractor specialising in precision mechanical manufacturing and uses evolved numerical control machinery.

Since it was established in 2004, the company grew thanks also to the acquisition of updated technology to satisfy the demands of its reference market. The experience gained and the relationships established in different sectors make it a complete partner that is particularly versatile and able to coordinate various processing phases supplying mechanical pieces ready for assembly.

Thanks to its experience and the combination of machine tools and waterjet cutting systems, it can potentially be a “sole supplier” even in the case of particularly demanding work from a project and technical-structural point of view.


“We learned about CMS Tecnocut in 2003, when we needed to cut plates of a certain thickness,” recalls Andrea Mora, founder and owner of MAG. “We work with different kinds of materials and, after seeing CMS Tecnocut machinery at work in some companies in the engineering sector, we realized it could be the perfect technology for us.

MAG had just been established and, with a little courage on our part, we decided to choose waterjet cutting, combining this technology with traditional chip removal. My father used to work in the engineering industry. In particular, he used to work in the confectionary machinery sector and, thanks to our experience, we established a company that could also work as a subcontractor especially as regards precision mechanics - we wanted to be a partner rather than a simple supplier.

Of course, we did consider laser cutting at the beginning, but we knew its limitations. Waterjet cutting seemed the best choice for us because it is really versatile and less invasive on a large number of materials. For over ten years, we have been working with a CMS Teconcut three-axis head waterjet cutting machine that has become of strategic importance in our work. Nowadays, though, the market has become increasingly aggressive and the demands we received from our usual clients and new businesses made us look for a new system with evolved performances, versatility and technical-structural characteristics.

In 2015, we therefore purchased IDROLINE S. It was clearly a considerable investment for a small-medium business like ours, however it was essential to continue being competitive for our customers, i.e. industries producing machinery for the food industry as well as companies working in the automotive sector, shipyards, heavy-equipment and railways. Currently, we work mainly with aluminium, steel and iron.”

The use of Idroline S at MAG

“Passing from a three-axis to a five-axis system with IDROLINE S enabled us to improve the service offered to our clients,” explains Andrea Mora.

“We also decided to keep the first CMS Tecnocut machine we purchased 10 years ago, and we use it for less demanding tasks. In addition to having 5 axes, IDROLINE S has evolved from all points of view - it performs better, it is safer, sturdier and more versatile when managing processed pieces.

Among the more important aspects, there is the quality of the waterjet itself, which we believe has been improved and strengthened.

The machine with the 5-axis head can process pieces with increasingly smaller tolerances and a more precise finish - we obtain finished pieces that practically need no further processing.

Of course, this has a positive effect on costs in a market that is increasingly dominated by the need to guarantee high quality while remaining competitive.

Another positive aspect is the management of the abrasive - fixed dosing in the old machine has been in fact replaced by electronic dosing. The possibility of dosing the abrasive more precisely and, most of all, automatically, has already led to positive results. We have in fact noticed how cutting is more constant.

Another positive note concerns the abrasive extraction system, the so-called dredge. From an operational point of view, CMS Tecnocut has obtained amazing results as, in over a year of activity, the dredge in our IDROLINE S has not required a single maintenance operation. The machine works all day and presents advantages such as, for example, the possibility of inclined cutting. The conicity problem is corrected directly by the 5-axis head, so we can achieve results that were just unthinkable with the previous generation of machines.

Even the worktop, now equipped with beams that support the pieces, is a positive improvement, as it enables us to keep pieces straight without a probe.

Another positive element is represented by the sensors - IDROLINE S electronic control indicates exactly when the orifice and focusing nozzle need to be changed as they sometimes have different wear times, thus guaranteeing safety and precision over time."

MAG (Italy)

Subcontractor for mechanical manufacturing

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