Enoberg: the use of Idroline S and application results



"Tailor-made" filling plants

Established in Bergamo in 1984, Enoberg designs and manufactures filling plants that can meet the most diversified and demanding needs of a national and international clientele.

Specialized in the manufacturing of “tailor-made” machines that can satisfy the operational requirements of the supply chain with a productive capacity between 600 (semi-automatic plants) and 20,000 (completely automatic plants) bottles/hour, Enoberg works mainly for clients in the food, wine, oil, beverage and chemical industry.

The structure of the company is agile and flexible, a characteristic that has also been confirmed by its joining the SMI Group, one of the most important companies in the world in the filling technology sector.


Enoberg engineering had been considering waterjet cutting as an alternative to laser cutting for a few years, and had meticulously studied the functional potential of the machinery in this sector and initiated a very positive dialogue with CMS Tecnocut.

“We had two basic needs - improving working processes and intervention times,” explains Francesco Metelli, partner and technical manager at Enoberg. "We work almost exclusively with stainless steel, as we manufacture lling plants that are “tailor-made”, so practically every single one is a prototype. That is why we wanted to start using a technology that enabled us to shorten manufacturing times and obtain pieces that are practically finished, ready for assembly.

After analysing both the experience and quality level of its machinery, we contacted CMS Tecnocut who, thanks to the excellent advice given by its technical and commercial manager, made us realise how right we were in considering waterjet cutting. In December 2014, we bought an IDROLINE S. We consider it a fully-equipped machine because it is complete with everything to satisfy our cutting needs.”

The use of Idroline S at Enoberg and application results

“After working with IDROLINE S for a year, I could compare costs and performances with our previous laser-cutting machine,” reports Francesco Metelli.

“In particular, I estimated the cost/time ratio that our operator took to intervene on external burring, a procedure which is no longer necessary with waterjet cutting. In addition, there are the advantages: laser cutting just cannot reach the same level in perforation of high thicknesses and small diameters.

Waterjet cutting enables us to cut all the holes we need, not only those of a certain diameter, so operators do not have to intervene with a drill. In this way, manufacturing times are shorter and, when the cut plates come out of IDROLINE S, they go directly to the structural work department for the next processing operations.

Before, with laser cutting, the material being processed came out hardened, causing many problems with the tappers, which broke easily. Thanks to waterjet cutting, we managed to overcome this problem. With this machine, we can cut plates that are 200 mm thick, while laser cutting had its limits above 15 mm."

We can now say that, thanks to the experience we gained with the two different systems, laser technology needs at least two working shifts to pay for itself and is very limiting, as it is only effective on certain types of materials and thicknesses.

Waterjet cutting is a truly exible solution that does not bind you to certain thicknesses or materials and, in fact, we work perfectly even with aluminium. In addition, the 5 axes head enables us to cut diagonally, which is impossible with lasers.

This machine offers many advantages but, if I had to name one in particular, I would pick the time we save when processing the pieces.

We are very satisfied with IDROLINE S, which is used in our production line every day without interruption.”

Enoberg (Italy)

"Tailor-made" filling plants


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