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Horizontal machining centers - 5 axes - maxima
5-axis cnc machining center

5-axis interpolated Numerically Controlled machining center with automatic tool change for the working of flat glass sheets of all thicknesses and bent glass. It carries out all types of edge grinding and polishing, arising, milling, cutting with disk, drilling, contouring, engraving, writing, variable-angle beveling operations and special machining. It’s the sturdiest machining center in the field, which makes it ideal for any type of working condition.

  • wide rotation of axes C (4th axis) and B (5th axis) for the realization of 0-90° variable-angle beveling and dynamic variation of the bevel depth. The  configuration with diamond disk is also available for straight and inclined cuts
  • Z-axis stroke from 460 to 900 mm for the most demanding works on bullet-proof, military, aerospace and special glass sheets
  • thanks to the high configurability of the machine, it is possible to process glass sheets in massive sizes


Z-axis up to 2000mm for machining of curved glass. These benefits are particularly useful in processing of aerospace glass where the rays of curvature and size of the glass require precision and high strokes.


The machine can be configured to work in pendulum mode and total safety for the operator. In this way, the loading and unloading times are zeroed. Removing the bulkhead that separates the two areas it is possible to work a glass of more than 10 meters.


To ensure perfect processing of bent glass, the machine probes the piece by correcting the discrepancies in the drawing provided. In this way the size of the fillets along the entire glass uniform.


The wide modularity of the tools rack allows  to adapt the table to each need. The warehouses can be installed rear, side or also under the beam for a tool change in less than 10 seconds.

Technical data
X axis stroke   3800 mm / 149 in
Y axis stroke   2400÷7200 mm / 94÷283 in (configuration available Y>7200 mm)
Z axis stroke   460÷900 mm / 18÷35 in
Maximum XY working dimensions   It changes according to the configuration
Rotating axes (optional) B ± 100°
C ± 270° (540°)
Tool change position   13÷180 + 1 blade holder ⌀ 500 mm
Power   13,5 KW / 18 HP (S1)
21 KW / 28 HP (S6)
30 KW / 40 HP (S1)
36 KW / 48 HP (S6)
Revolution   0÷15000 rpm 0÷12000 rpm
Electrical cabinet
Monobloc   Integrated in the base
Open frame   Fixed on right steel support


Case Studies
BCE Glass Industry
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