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Agil tr is the most compact and versatile cutting table ever made by CMS.

It is a table that can automatically cut monolithic (float) glass sheets and semi-automatically cut laminated glass sheets thanks to the double-zero system.

  • The table is equipped with 4 arms for loading/unloading the sheets and a c-axis to perform both straight and shaped cuts.
  • Easy to install and compact in size, it can cut large sheets up to 3810 mm x 2600 mm.
  • The table can be equipped with an automatic tool change and a low-e coating removal grinding wheel, and a vinyl removal system.
  • Automatic tool change: 5-position magazine, installed close to the cutting head. Tool change in 4 seconds [PERFORMANCE]
  • Low-e coating removal speed 40 m/min: 100% automatic removal system with dedicated grinding wheel [PERFORMANCE]
  • Compact and easy to install [COST SAVING]

Automatic, 5-position tool changer magazine installed close to the cutting head. It guarantees the fastest tool change in its category.

Grinding wheel at the front for automatic low-emission (low-e) film removal. 20 mm-wide film strips can be removed at a speed of 40 m/min.

Technical data
Max. workable sheet dimensions mm 3810 x 2600
Workable sheet thickness mm 2 - 19
Maximum positioning speed m/min 200
Maximum acceleration m/s² 10
Axis positioning accuracy mm ± 0.15
Straight and shaped cut optimisation software   yes
Breakout bars   2+1
Maximum unloadable sheet kg 350
Working surface height mm 925 (-25 + 30)
Installed power kVA 10
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