Producing insulated glass units WAS a complex procedure in the past

Sep 16, 2022

What are IG Units?

A window fitted with insulated glass units is produced with two or more panels of glass separated by a vacuum space or filled with inert gas to reduce the transfer of heat from one side of the window to another. IG’s also provide improved acoustic insulation.


A rapidly growing market!

In 2019, the IG Unit market was worth $11.9 billion USD and the forecast is for it to exceed $21 billion USD by 2031, with an annual growth rate of 6.9%. (source: GlobeNewswire)


The experts at CMS have created the ypsos ig, the perfect vertical grinding/seaming machine to increase the productivity of insulating lines.


The ypsos ig interface is fast and intuitive because it is based on SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) software specifically designed by CMS. It allows all of the key components of the machine to be monitored and supervised via specific synoptic pages on the operator interface.


The unfinished seaming and grinding of float and laminate glass for IG’s has never been simpler or more profitable!



  • 33 second seaming cycle time for a piece of 80” x 40” using two spindles
  • 15% less time needed to process a lite with ground edges using two spindles
  • 53% less time needed to identify a possible collision of glass being processed thanks to the new software interface.