What's new at the "SCM live show": "delicate" and waste prevention sizing/nesting cell

Jun 23, 2020

Automated, flexible and integrated by articulated robots and intelligent AMR unmanned shuttles. The sizing/nesting cell is one of the new entries to the SCM LIVE SHOW, the global event of the year being streamed live from 30 June to 2 July 2020.

Inserted into the SMART&HUMAN FACTORY for the furniture industry, the cell includes the morbidelli x200 machining centre for nesting, the gabbiani p80 sizing machine and the top performing flexstore hp automatic magazine for shaped panels.

Morbidelli x200 designed for "batch 1" flexible production is directly integrated into the flexstore hp and this allows for the stored and labelled panel to be directly loaded onto the worktable which protects those panels with a delicate surface.

Once the nesting function has terminated, an articulated robot unloads the pre-cut panel directly from the worktable and positions the different parts on the AMR shuttles which depart towards the next cell for edgebanding.

Another new aspect concerns the management of smaller offcuts: the robot also picks these up, making them available for future made-to-order productions with a considerable reduction in waste material.

The cell is also designed so that all the panels with no problems of delicate surfaces can be manually unloaded from the belt.

The "pack" cut made with a blade that guarantees high productivity on repetitive logical cuts is done simultaneously to the nesting that offers excellent flexibility when cutting single sheets. This is done by the new gabbiani p80 sizing machine that, previewed at the SCM Live Show, distinguishes itself thanks to the "Saw-set" device for an increasingly faster, more exact tool setting and new bonuses including the 60 and 80 mm blade, an additional extractor outlet on the presser and automatic blade release with switch.

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