Cms gea: endless glass machining capabilities with just one machine

Feb 23, 2021

According to Greek mythology, Gea is the Earth, mother of all divinities symbolizing the natural elements. Gea symbolizes the original matter that gives life to all things. This is the concept behind the creation of the new Cms gea: a machine with so many features, capable of combining all of the options for glass machining into one single machining center. The Cms gea horizontal machining center is the perfect solution for flat glass fabricators that need to work on individual batches of glass as easily as possible. Thanks to the 30” high table and the reduced distance between the operator and table, gea positions itself on the market as a benchmark for loading ergonomics. The doors have been designed to give a full view of the work area and due to the 150” wide opening, make it easier to load the largest of pieces.


  • The duraluminum work-table is 18 mm thick and guarantees excellent stability and durability.

  • It takes 9.5 seconds to change a tool, with magazines installed to the rear, side or even under-beam.

  • 30” high work-table which, combined with the table’s proximity to the operator, places the machine at the top of its category in terms of loading ergonomics.

  • gea: machining centre with endless possibilities, capable of encompassing all the tools needed to machine flat glass.

The laser tool pre-setter is integrated into the tool magazine to make the most of the table space on the machine. Up to 24 tools can be installed under-beam for fast tool changes at any point in the machining process. Thanks to the work-table extension, up to 3 shower doors can be loaded alongside one another to reduce downtime due to operator loading/unloading. This configuration means the machine delivers maximum performance in terms of process speed. Its high-performance working speed combined with excellent accuracy and repeatability fully satisfy even the most demanding tolerances required in the glass industry.