Set your creativity free: Cms Metal Technology and the advanced solution for flooring nesting

Jan 19, 2021

What can Cms Metal Technology do for gyms, swimming pools, interior and exterior playgrounds, nurseries, and sport shops?

What all these sites have in common is being places were you can find rubber mattings. A surface that provides excellent slip and abrasion resistance, while simultaneously increasing foot comfort and fatigue relief. And what better solution, to increase the productivity and satisfy different application needs with flexibility, of our waterjet product range than a multiple head configuration?The combination of two independent 3-axes cutting heads and one independent 5-axis cutting head, with the software module easyjet tiles, ensures the cutting cycle optimization for the different thickness and hardness options for rubber mats.


  • 67% less cutting time thanks to machine configuration with 3 independent cutting heads or with a spread bar to satisfy the most demanding applications and high productivity
  • 65% less cutting costs per part thanks to the higher number of parts being cut per hour and the water-only setup without the addition of abrasive garnet
  • Simple and fast creation of a nesting solution depending on the floor plan imported in dxf format and automatic generation of cutting programs grouped together in one or more job orders

Alternatively, to process standard formats, it’s possible to set the machine with a spread bar holding up to three manual 3-axis cutting heads. All the operations are made simple thanks to a millimeter ruler and quick release handles for correct positioning of the cutting heads on linear guides. Starting from any floor plan, our cad/cam software easyjet can automatically generate the whole cutting program, assigning the cutting parameters from the advanced database of materials. Thanks to the versatility of the high pressure water-only technology, able to cut the rubber without the addition of abrasive garnet, Cms Metal Technology can offer a fast, precise, repeatable, and cost saving per part cutting process.


  • Automatic minimum distance of 265 mm between 3-axes cutting heads and of 350 mm between 3 and 5-axis cutting head
  • Manual minimum distance of 85 mm and maximum of 330 mm between 3-axes cutting heads
  • Software module tiles capable to process floor plans up to 1000 sqm with automatic numbering of the tile to cut and optimization of scraps
  • Automation of cutting process with loading/unloading systems such as pneumatic manipulators or pick & place robots