DMC M950 WET: it's a matter of attraction!

Aug 6, 2019


  • Longer life of abrasive belts
  • Machining of large-sized non-ferrous metals without thermal deformation
  • Cooling of the material and of the abrasive belts guaranteed by thewater-emulsified coolant
  • Elimination of suction system
  • Cellulose filter in the machining waste filtration tank and optional magnetic separator 
  • Possibility of equipping the rollers with fine- and superfine-grained abrasive belts for pre-polishing finishing


Now the M950 Wet can be equipped with a system of permanent electromagnets fitted into the loading platform for the effective clamping of ferromagnetic parts, even of small size. In addition, as an external accessory it is possible to install a demagnetizer to clear the residual magnetic charge in case of alterations or instability of the finishing processes after deburring and satin finishing.



  • Maximum width of 270 mm
  • Dimension of machinable workpieces lower than 100 mm
  • Minimum thickness of machinable workpieces of 2 mm
  • Magnetic residue less than 5 Gauss


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