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Tecnocut Smartline has been designed to redefine the industry’s standards of excellence by improving operating efficiency, while simultaneously maintaining CMS’ renowned reputation for construction quality and unparalleled work. Ideal for cutting composite materials, aluminium and light alloys, it has all the safety and performance features typically found on CMS waterjet machines, enclosed in a new innovative and compact design. These features guarantee excellent finishing with a high level of accuracy with excellent productivity.

• Vast configurability of the work areas (single area or pendular cycle).
• Excellent productivity, thanks to a maximum cutting speed of 50 m/ min and 3 m/s2 of acceleration, with the option of fitting up to 5 cutting heads.
• The movement of the X-Y-Z axes occurs with the pinion on tempered and ground racks.
• The heat sealed bellows guarantee ideal protection to the racks and sliding guides on the X axis against dust and water and processing water. For the Y axis, protection is guaranteed by a sheet metal labyrinth structure.
• The carpentry structure undergoes a rust-proofing treatment using sandblasting and ceramic painting to guarantee greater duration against corrosion.
• Tank arranged for dredging system to remove used abrasive material.
Control software integrated into the control that allows the operator to optimize cutting parameters by reducing waste to a minimum. The setting times for the cut on complex shapes is dramatically reduced without compromising the finishing quality and precision.



Maximum loading ergonomics, compact monolithic open frame structure simplifies workpiece loading and unloading.


The high-pressure of the waterjet allows you to easily cut very thick pieces, create holes and complex shapes and reduce the scrap from nesting on a flat sheet thanks also to the manual and automatic interaxis multi-head configurations.


Waterjet technology offers a unique tool that does not require complex tooling for workpiece clamping. In addition, the 5-axis version can perform 3D cuts with high precision and repeatability.


Waterjet cutting is a clean process that does not generate dust and volatile residues. The collection tank is compatible with the Evo4 dredging system for removal of spent abrasive, which reduces maintenance costs by 90%.

Technical data
MODEL 2030 2040 2060
X AXIS 3000 mm / 118 in 4000 mm / 157 in 6000 mm / 236 in
Y AXIS 2000 mm / 79 in 2000 mm / 79 in 2000 mm / 79 in

250 mm / 10 in

(150 mm / 6 in with 5-axis head)

250 mm / 10 in

(150 mm / 6 in with 5-axis head)

250 mm / 10 in

(150 mm / 6 in with 5-axis head)

B AXIS +/- 60° +/- 60° +/- 60°
RAPID SPEED 50 m/min
164 ft/min
50 m/min
164 ft/min
50 m/min
164 ft/min
9.8 ft/s2
3 m/s2
9.8 ft/s2
3 m/s2
9.8 ft/s2
SUPPORT PLANE 3379 x 2080 mm
133 x 82 in
4150 x 2080 mm
163 x 82 in
6610 x 2080 mm
260 x 82 in
4520 x 4500 mm
178 x 177 in
7400 x 4500 mm
291 x 177 in
11500 x 4500 mm
453 x 177 in
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