Push your waterjet to new limits! Discover CMS Metal Technology’s best-in-class solutions

Nov 6, 2020

The soft material industry requires extreme performances, in terms of cutting speed and acceleration, in order to maximise productivity and minimize waste.

CMS tecnocut smartline sets a new standard for waterjet cutting, thanks to its rugged construction and the use of best-in class components.

Now it is possible to fit the s with 3 manually operated cutting heads with adjustable spacing, from 85 mm up to 340 mm to maximise the sheet exploitation.


  • 67% productivity increase, due to the multiple cutting head capabilities
  • 85 mm to 340 mm manually adjustable spacing between the cutting heads
  • +/- 0.5 mm alignment tolerance to ensure precise positioning and cutting repeatability
  • Simple and intuitive programming, achieved by selecting the number of cutting heads