OMR & CMS: an absence of technological limitations leads to continuous improvement

Dec 20, 2022

In order to fully understand the importance of the OMR group, one needs to start from a list of some of its most valued clients: Iveco, Fiat (Stellantis), Ferrari, Maserati, Renault, Audi, General Motors, BMW, Lamborghini, Alfa, Jeep, Bugatti, Dallara, Zoox as well as customers in the agricultural machinery and earth movement sector such as CNH and Dana.

Opening the doors to one of the 15 headquarters scattered across 4 continents is Eugenio Pollarini, head of the OMR plant in Modena.

The OMR (Officine Meccaniche Rezzatesi) Group is a leading global manufacturer of components and integrated solutions for the automotive industry. They supply the most important automobile manufacturers with aluminum and cast-iron motor and transmission components, structural aluminum parts and complete aluminum frames with processed and welded components.

The OMR logo can be seen on Ferrari vehicles at all the Formula 1 Grand Prix races, because OMR is also technical partner to the Scuderia Ferrari. Eugenio Pollarini perfectly sums up what this strong bond means from both a technological point of view and from a personal pride point of view: “Being team partner and technical partner of the Scuderia Ferrari, is an incentive to the intrinsic competitiveness in Formula One, where the absence of technological limitations leads us to strive for continuous improvement based on attention to every detail.”

The absence of technological limitations leads to continuous improvement: this is precisely the perception that we take away with us after visiting the OMR plant in Modena.