Oct 22, 2020

In collaboration with our customers and internal Metrology Department, CMS North America has refined the process of evaluating each application to ensure that what we deliver exceeds their customer’s expectations. As an autonomous business unit, CMS North America has the ability to offer to the market the products, options, and added value that the American market requires. CMS approach is to give customers the right solution for their production needs. A dedicated sales engineering department works side by side with the customer to define it.

Development and design for 40+ years has crafted an unparalleled technical skillset that has become one of the primary strong points of CMS (namely “Construction of Special Machines”). An experienced group of engineers is constantly giving answers to new challenges coming from the market: from concept to process application. The new CMS Additive Manufacturing offerings are by far the most exciting developments in recent times, with the new Ethos model as a close. With strong investments in expanded productions facilities combined with extensive Research & Development at our factories, CMS North America will continue to bring new products to the market that will appeal to the Aerospace industry.