Additive Talk (Ep.9) - Airtech Advanced Materials Group

Sep 30, 2022

The ninth episode is entirely dedicated to the role that materials play in Additive Manufacturing technology. Massimo Faggioni from the engineering dept at CMS is talking with Gregory Haye, director of the Additive Manufacturing office at Airtech Advanced Materials Group.


Airtech Advanced Materials Group is the largest manufacturer of materials for vacuum packing and composite molds for prepreg / autoclave applications, in resin infusion and manual layering processes, up to 426°C. Airtech has developed a new series of innovative polymeric composite resins, designed for use in any pellet-powered FDM mold system. The company is recognized as a benchmark in numerous industries such as aerospace, automotive, marine and wind energy.


During our chat we are covering a wide range of topics: technical problems, commercial inspirations and sustainability. Gregory Haye is helping us get a better understanding of the key role played by material manufacturers in their close relationship with plant suppliers and end users.