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A one-off design idea

The Alfa Romeo 4C unites a double excellence: Alfa’s design capability and Maserati’s productive ability. The design has been asked to provide a mechanic that exalts the “sporty” character.

Alfa Romeo 4C comes to the fore as a wholly innovative car in terms of technology and design.

Alfa Romeo’s “concept” is explicitly declared by the same carmaker of the Fiat Group: “we create functional beauty at the service of extreme mechanics”. In order to achieve this objective, design and technology resolve to maintain a continuous, undissolvable and mutually supportive interaction.

In particular the 4C sets some records in the employment of new materials, with the aim of reducing weight without jeopardizing the overall reliability of the car, while enhancing sporty performance and cutting down fuel consumption instead.


Especially interesting is the use of innovatory low-density and high-resistance composite materials, which made it possible to reduce weight by almost 20% compared to the traditional sheet steel.

Furthermore, it is a stable material which, unlike other materials frequently used by the automotive industry, does not warp in the event of slight shocks, withstands chemical and weather agents sturdily and abates noise considerably, to the advantage of acoustic comfort.

The 4C proposal fits in the strategies of FIAT Group concerning the Alfa Romeo brand perfectly: the aim is relaunching the brand worldwide as a point of reference for sports cars with superlative technological features and a distinctive personality, where tradition and innovation are interwoven with the absolutely fascinating “Alfa” identity and the made-in-Italy values.

4C does not follow the beaten tracks, no matter how comfortable: it leads the way.

Alfa Romeo (Italy)

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