CMS Advanced Materials Live show

22 - 23. 07.2020 WORLDWIDE STREAMING

CMS Advanced Materials invites you stay together - or rather, stay tuned! - and open the doors to the largest event in the industry, and one that is completely unique:


Fresh content in live streaming, available in 6 languages, directly from the Technology Centre in Zogno. We will show you exclusively all the latest developments in the Advanced Materials Technology sector.

A brand new way of communicating, smart and human at the same time, to keep in touch and confirm once again that CMS is always at your side, today more than ever.


Registration has already started, fill out the form now and guarantee yourself a place up front for the world event of the year!

22 July 2020: CMS LIVE SHOW IN ITALIAN FROM 2.00pm to 5.00pm (CEST)

23 July 2020: CMS LIVE SHOW MULTILINGUAL FROM 8.30am to 11.30am (CEST)*

23 July 2020: CMS LIVE SHOW MULTILINGUAL FROM  5.00pm to 8.00pm (CEST)*

* live translations in: english, french, german, spanish, russian, chinese!





Live demos, talks with our experts and in-depth analysis of the main trends of the market.

Browse through the topics which will be at the heart of the Live Show and make a note in your diary;
as of today, technological innovation is coming directly to you, in action!



Live Show Agenda


CMS Advanced Materials Technology

 Videos, live links and testimonials

Presentation of the CMS Advanced Materials division with a specific video. Tour of the production departments and contributions from the various branches across the globe.

Video messages from CMS customers and a virtual tour of the new CMS Technology Centre, the most advanced in the world for cutting composite materials.


Live demo | High Speed Aluminium and Steel Cutting

CMS HDS Technology

Live demo to introduce the HDS Technology – High Damping Structure - the innovative design concept, developed by CMS R&D, which combines excellent vibration damping with state-of-art dynamic performances for aluminum, steel and structural composites machining


HDS Technology – concrete advantages:

  • -17% of structural vibrations;

  • +15% programmable feed for +12% actual productivity*;

  • longer tool life

  • reduced spindle, cutter and machine stress giving improved cutting tool life and surface finish combined with long term reliability and reduced maintenance costs;


*average value related to the part geometry

Live demo | High Precision Composite Machining

CMS Smart Volumetric Compensation

Rapid volumetric compensation system to enhance and maintain the real cutting and drilling accuracy.


Smart Volumetric Compensation: real benefits

  • fast system that does not require the intervention of skilled engineers;

  • absolute accouracies of produced parts (68% higher geometrical accuracies in space);

  • constant performances maintained over time;

  • no downtime for mechanical alignment and calibration;

  • machine certification;


Live Talk | CMS Large Format Additive Manufacturing

The production of composite parts becomes even more competitive

3D printing and CNC machining of equipment to produce composite parts.


  • Composites: a young and fast developing industry;

  • Lightening of parts by composites materials;

  • Increasing the industrialization of composite industry;

  • Large Format additive manufacturing (LFAM)

  • CMS Kreator: an original and advanced LFAM solution;

  • Advantages of CMS Kreator: cases of use;



Live talk | CMS Digital Systems

CMS’s digital revolution and its innovation path

Industry 4.0 has further extended the perspectives, changing the paradigm, moving it from product-centricity to product+customer-centricity.

CMS connect is an invaluable tool to meet the production challenges of the hi-tech sectors and sectors undergoing a deep redevelopment (aerospace, automotive, composites for special applications, etc.) towards the scenario that has by now been defined as "the new normal".

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* Live translation in: english, french, german, russian and chinese

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