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The Advanced Materials Technology Division of CMS is a partner for the industry in sectors where the search for engineering performances is at the highest level in terms of form and content.  

The Advanced Materials Technology Division is inspired by the guiding values of CMS: to provide high performance solutions based on machine designs tailored to specific customer requirements. This excellent combination enables us to guarantee a reliable and safe investment, depreciable within fixed and short time frames. Advanced Materials Technology handles its own machines in all aspects: it designs, engineers and produces them, as well as testing and providing a comprehensive aftersales service. Our “workhorses” are the interpolated 5-axis machining centres, which are capable of optimizing routing, milling, boring, 3D profiling, cutting and trimming on materials (not just composites, but also reinforced and multi-layer plastics, glass fibres) which are an intrinsic part of those sectors that are currently at the cutting edge in terms of technology, design and product quality: aerospace, automotive (in the motorsport sector as well as in the development of prototypes in serial productions), motor caravans, components for renewable energy systems, furniture design, the boating and optics industry. Currently, our machines have claimed a leading role in a variety of operations in the production cycles of the aeronautics industry. In this area, each case history is highly significant in terms of references. 


The strict qualifications demanded and the dedicated focus on high quality results are the key credentials which we have exploited, enabling us to remain on the short list of the leading companies engaged in research and production in the aeronautics and aerospace sectors. We can also say that although this market is a very difficult one to break into, it is even more difficult to stay in it! High-performance, reliable products combined with prompt and efficient service are essential pre-conditions to be able to operate in this sector.

The growing confidence we have instilled in companies such as Boeing, to namejust one, confirms the validity of this approach for our new business. The fact that the aeronautics industry regularly renews its fleet is also a factor to be taken into account. In relation to the automotive industry, it is important to note the extent to which our solutions are highly valued in the most prestigious research centres in this sector, where prototypes are created within a competitive environment, as well as in the modelling and design centres where the designer’s concept is already oriented towards a more industrialised application. We thus coordinate with the changing demands of the automotive industry, where composite materials represent a significant technological and commercial growth factor. 


The same is happening in the nautical industry. Beyond the markets, our growth is certainly also attributable to our pre- and post-sales service. The machining of composites and of innovative materials demands an intense dialogue and collaboration with the customer, from which the consulting and engineering expertise of CMS   has arisen. The ability to guarantee a widespread service internationally as well as proper branch offices in countries such as the United States, represent a significant factor in the decisions of customers. From the point of view of our presence in international markets, about 40% of sales is currently generated in Europe, 30% in the U.S., 15% in Asia and the remaining 15% in Italy. We anticipate that we will continue to grow in all of these markets, thanks to the fact that our machines are increasingly perceived as more attuned to the development of demand: greater speed, versatility and precision must go hand-in-hand with continued vigilance over the work environment, where the dust hazard has been reduced and global safety for employees ensured. But above all - materials and work approaches are changing. Our ability to create custom machines increasingly represents a winning strategy. We are also applying it to the immediate future, where significant opportunities are emerging, for example in the field of thermoplastic composite materials. Here, too, we will show that we are at the cutting edge. 

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