CMS North America | Your Technology Partner

Dec 10, 2013

CMS North America and CMS Industries is proud to be your leading technology partner when it comes to CNC machining solutions.


Since 1969 we’ve revolutionized the way customers across the globe have handled their machine cutting needs. Through innovative solutions, we’ve worked directly with companies to help them remain competitive on the world market. Our plans can help you increase productivity and lower your overall costs.

CMS is split into multiple divisions to better serve our customers and markets:

  • Wood Processing Systems: Internationally CMS Industries, along with our “Balestrini” division, produces items and panels of all sizes are used in a wide range of applications,
  • Glass Materials Processing: Versatile and precise, CMS Industries’ “Brembana” division works with various glass needs to offer high quality products, including an increase in contemporary design,
  • Stone Materials Processing: Our company division “Brembana” also works with stone requirements, for mass production needs and some of the most intricate work available,
  • Water-Jet Cutting Systems: Used in major production companies and labs world wide, CMS’ water-jet cutting systems offer innovative solutions in high demand,
  • Advanced Materials and Plastics Division: A mainstay in aerospace, Formula 1, and high tech industries, our machines handle diverse composite materials with proactive solutions, and are requested for prestigious design products where plastics materials are used.

Available in 110 countries throughout the world, CMS Industries brings leading talent to your machining solutions. Our staff is comprised of over 18% Research & Development Engineering staff, 15% Customer Care staff on board to handle your machining questions, and over 500 employees all working to meet your needs. This dedication to service and quality has helped CMS Industries grow into an ever increasing number of markets and solutions, becoming a world wide partner for some of the largest production companies around.

But we can be more than that. We can be YOUR technology partner, too. Find out how by contacting us today and we’ll help find a solution.