All the creativity of technologies for wood at SCM Poland's open house

Mar 16, 2020

The Technology Center at the Polish SCM branch opened its doors to woodworking customers and professionals to show off a vast range of industry solutions. The event was held on 28 and 29 February and state-of-the-art technologies specifically for the furniture industry played a prominent role. Unique solutions capable of concentrating excellent performance levels in terms of flexibility and productivity, into reduced dimensions: from the morbidelli n100 machining centre for nesting to the new morbidelli cx100 drilling centre. Staying with panel machining, visitors showed plenty of interest in edgebanding solutions, like the olimpic k 100 evo, ideal for artisan businesses keen to ensure top quality machining, and the gabbiani s beam saw with the innovative Flexcut unit for a flexible cut in record time. The latest technologies for joinery were also greatly admired: the mobile carriage circular saw class px 350i and the startech cn v drilling machine, ideal for custom designed production. Special thanks to all those involved in the event and the SCM team, always at the ready to assist with queries from every kind of wood-working business.