Mit seiner Tradition und seiner umfassenden Erfahrung stellt CMS Plastic Technology den idealen Partner dar, wenn innovative Lösungen gebraucht werden. Die Bearbeitungszentren und die Thermoformmaschinen aus dem Hause CMS gewährleisten die besten Leistungen auf dem Markt mit maximaler Zuverlässigkeit und technologischen Eigenschaften auf höchstem Niveau. Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit den Kunden und die genaue Analyse ihrer Produktionsprozesse kann CMS jeweils die für die spezifischen Anforderungen optimal geeignete Lösung anbieten.

Die Maschinen von CMS Plastic Technology stellen mit ihren qualitativ hochwertigen Bearbeitungen, der Präzision und der langfristigen Zuverlässigkeit die ideale Lösung dar.

Entdecken Sie alle Lösungen von CMS für den Bereich Kollektiver Transport

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Dilplast - Italy

"Thanks to the cooperation with CMS we can now count on new, more pergorming, thermoforming machines, so productivity has been improved, also flexibility has been improved. Operators don't have to carry out many actions on those machines because they are so autmatic. This means a lower environmental impact, more well being on the work place and more safety for all". Enrico Ternelli, Ownwer

Lokari Leo Laine Oy, Finland

" We have appreciated that the fact that machine have been tailored to meet our needs. The machines perform well, the technical support from CMS has been excellent throughout the years". Outi Lane, Owner

Technoplast - France

"Now we have a total of 9 CMS cnc machines. One year ago we realized the machines we had here were a little too small, conisdering the pieces we receive from customers are bigger and bigger, havier and havier and that we had to adjust the capacity of our machines. Once again we retourned to CMS and talked to them about our new needs, we talked to their engineers and technicians and they created a now machine for us able fit our new needs like to handle bigger and heavier pieces. We always found the right solutions from CMS". Francois Belin, Industrial Director

PARAT GmbH + Co. KG - Germany

"We highly appreciate in the partnership with CMS, their high flexibility, their innovation, the real good quality of machines and last but not least their very competitive level of price". Franz Kornexl, Technical director

Berbetores Industrial - Spain 

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell to CMS family that you of course do good machines but what has always distinguished you is the human element. It's a real pleasure to work with CMS. Thank you for helping us achieving our goals". Miguel Berbetores, Responsible sales department

Donite Plastic- Northern Ireland

"We first met CMS back in 2013 at K show. What we were looking for was the whole package, a manufacturer that could supply vacuum forming machines, CNC machines and a fast and good service. If there is something wrong with the machine we want somebody here tomorrow because it needs to be fixed. We currently have 4 CMS machine all operating in production". Steven Kissick, Director