CMS Kreator

Why CMS started to design and build a large format
additive manufacturing (LFAM) + milling machine?

CMS is leader in the production of CNC machines for composites processing. Composite is a young and fast developing industry.
A good LFAM solution, which improves the competitiveness of some processes, will be attractive to the composites market.


CMS Kreator, a hybrid system including 3D printing and milling, has been designed to make the composites manufacturing more automated and competitive.

CMS Kreator is a CMS machining center also coupled with an extruder, to get the Screw Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (SEAM), together with the standard 5-axis milling.

The hybrid system has been developed
in partnership with the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute
for Machine Tools and Forming Technology in Germany.


Small extruder for automatic connection

  • 3d printing devices fully integrated in a standard CMS machine: no manual operations needed.
  • 5-axis additive technology with the use of the 5-axis machine head: ±30 ̊ tilting with respect to the vertical position.


*Patent pending for automatic connection




Kreator Ares


CMS Kreator takes advantage of CMS mechanical base, an integrated machining center for vertical milling ideal for composite materials, aluminum, light alloys and metals processing. The advanced design of its structures and the result of CMS’s continuous investments in R&D with the sophisticated technological solutions adopted, provides rigidity and precision over time, and exceptional movement dynamics.



  • The Additive Manufacturing technology adopted is Screw Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (SEAM).

  • Thermoplastic polymer, in granulated form is the material used.

  • The polymer is almost always reinforced (discontinuous fibres of carbon or glass) and the reinforcement is inside the granules

  • The extrusion is done by a single screw extruder that melts the granules.

  • The extruder is moved by the tool machine’s axes.

  • The melted polymer exiting the extruder is deposited in layers that plasticize and form a single piece.

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