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Wide belt sanders - Automatic sanding and calibrating machines - dmc system tt 1650

dmc system tt 1650 is the ideal choice for all companies looking for the highest levels of finish on “hi-gloss” panels. The two long counter-rotating transversal belts perfectly prepare the workpieces for the mechanical polishing and buffing processes.

Main equipment
  • Cross units with sanding belt length 9500 mm
  • Large diameter pulleys, independent for sanding and chevron belt
  • “EPICS” electronic pad with “PWM” differential variable pressure technology
  • Vacuum hold-down table for small pieces processing
  • Constant pass-line from the floor
  • Total management of the machine through “Hydra V-Pad” control panel with 10,4” touch-screen




  • Maximum effectiveness when removing the dust generated by the abrasive belts, thanks to high efficiency cleaning and cooling systems with limited use of compressed air.
  • Improved finish quality and a longer lifespan for the abrasive belts, thanks to the long belt (9,500mm) that ensures better cooling and less clogging due to dust.
  • Maximum work precision and sensitivity with the innovative PWM automatic differentiated pressure of the “EPICS” electronic sectioned slide block, that adapts perfectly to the surface to be smoothed.
Technical data
Working width mm 1650
Min/max working thickness (with fixed table) mm 3÷200
Cross sanding belt length mm 9500
Constant pass-line mm 900

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