dmc system t10 1350

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Wide belt sanders - Automatic sanding and calibrating machines - dmc system t10 1350

Automatic calibrating sanding machine: the most configurable of the System machines, intended for medium- and large-sized companies that have to perform particularly complex machining with high production volumes.

Main equipment
  • Unique planetary units (patented), for multi directional sanding
  • Vacuum hold-down table for small pieces processing, with electric fan embedded in the machine frame
  • Constant pass-line from the floor, for integration in automated production lines
  • Total management of the machine through “Hydra PC” control panel with 17” touch-screen
  • Multiple machining operations can be carried out in a single machine, thanks to the supporting structure which can house up to 10 machining heads.
  • Rapid tool change times for disk units, allowed by the taper fitting system for easy, fast setup with maximum safety in terms of locking.
  • More effective sanding action on panel edges thanks to the orbital movement of the structure supporting the unit with 19 rotary disks, meaning that even the more inaccessible areas can be reached.
Technical data
Working width                                                        mm        1350
Min/max working thickness (with fixed table)                                                 mm  3-170
Sanding belt width mm   1370
Sanding belt length mm   2620
Constant pass-line mm    900

System multi finishing effects on parquet

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