balestrini pico md2

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Tenoners, Mortisers, Double sided shapers - Tenoners, Mortisers, Double sided shapers - balestrini pico md2

CNC milling, tenoning, mortising machine for kitchen furniture doors and furniture fronts. The balestrini pico md2 machine is specifically designed to cut a special 45° or 90° joint ideal for furniture door frames, table tops, front frames of chest of drawers, etc. It is equipped with two working units moving on two interpolated axes. One units cuts ends and tenons, while the other unit makes holes or slots.

Technical data
Workable piece dimensions  
Width x thickness with cut at 45° 110x30 mm
Width x thickness with cut at 0° 140x40 mm
Min. workpiece length 100 mm
Tenons dimensions  
Max. tenon length 140 mm
Tenon thickness max 30 mm
Tenon depth 5÷30 mm
Mortise dimensions  
Mortise length 0÷140 mm
Mortise thickness 0÷16 mm (double with interpolation)
Mortise depth 0÷30 mm
Maximum Productivity 200 pieces/h (50 kitchen frames)
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